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If you are looking for Camper or Motorhome to make a trip unforgettable, choose model, ask us for dates and for it. 
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What we guarantee

I think of a place and reach it!

This is our motto and the spirit of many of our customers. We put all of our hand so that it is...

Why choose us

We guarantee you a safe trip and comfortable

We like to enjoy the experience without worry. Planificad your goal and the rest we take care.

Competitive prices

Quality, comfort, and well equipped with everything.


Insurance Franchise. Guaranteed reliability.

Total Availability

Delivery any day of the week, taking care just of you travel.

24/7 Support

We will advise on everything you need during your trip.

Autocaravana o Camper de 2 a 5 personas

Select your vehicle

We have a Motorhome or Camper, depending on your needs. You Decide what best fits your getaway.


From 95€/day

McLouis MC4 379


Desde 90€/day

Camper McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi s-line

I think of a place and reach it!

I think of a place and reach it!

Teranga Camper

Who We Are

Mi nombre es Eric, soy Guía e Intérprete de Turismo, por lo que mi pasión por los viajes es indudable!!.
Siempre que organizas un viaje, piensas un destino y programas cada día, todas las etapas perfectamente descritas en el mapa de ruta.

La sorpresa llegó el día que decidí alquilar una Camper. Descubrir que el ritmo lo marcas tú, sin horarios, disfrutando del trayecto porque el viaje comienza en el momento en el que terminas de subir tu equipaje y arrancas el motor.
Descubrir que lo programado deja paso a la improvisación, y que lo importante no es el destino, lo importante es disfrutar de la ruta y sus muchas sorprendentes paradas en las que descubrir lugares que no pertenecían a tu programa. Descubrir la libertad de viajar en estas casas rodantes… y así surgió TERANGA Camper, crear un lugar en mi ciudad donde otros viajeros pudiesen hacerse con uno de estos vehículos para disfrutar de esta forma de viajar. Dicen que «Para encontrarse primero hay que perderse»… Te atreves??? Tenemos el vehículo que se adapta a tu viaje!!!

ELIGE LA RUTA, NO LA RUTINA. La primera premisa para decidir viajar en libertad Mi lema PIENSA UN LUGAR Y ALCANZALO!! it is a reality from the moment you climb in a camper or motorhome with everything essential for a journey with success.

Hoy me gusta comprobar que mis clientes han disfrutado de estos vehículos y sobre todo oírlos al regreso transmitiéndome la satisfacción por su elección de viaje y que haya sido partícipe de su aventura, esto, esto es lo que me empuja a continuar con máxima ilusión.

DONDE HAY UN SUEÑO, HAY UN CAMINO!!! Te atreves a recorrerlo conmigo???.

How we do it

Step-by-step for rent

It is very simple, you are four steps to start your adventure:

Choose date

You have every year available.


Through bizum, cash or bank transfer.


Deja-your vehicle at our facility.

Enjoy your fate

Relax, Relax, relax...


What they say about us

Best to talk to our users of your experience with our vehicles, they are the ones that truly bring value information:

Samantha S. D


Our first experience and it has been thanks to Teranga Camper,we have spent a few idyllic days. Rent camper, and we have been very comfortable. From the first time we attended Joseph and always has been, to our service for any thing, explaining everything very well. It is equipped with everything you need and many details to appreciate it when you have no experience. Thank you for everything Jose, will repeat for sure!

José Luis Villena Higueras
José Luis Villena Fig Trees


It took a lot of time renting. When someone rents wants: Price according to the quality, timeliness, good treatment, details that make the esxperiencia more enjoyable and all kinds of facilities. All this sums up to Tarenga Camper. Always rent with them and the experience is great.

Mª Jesús Budiño Piñeiro
Mª Jesus Budino Piñeiro


It has been a great experience. The first time I traveled in a Camper and I've loved it!. Very well equipped and very clean. The owner superatento and sympathetic. I recommend the experience



This is the first time that we rented a camper and the experience has been great, better than expected! The attention of the owner was outstanding from the beginning, to explain everything regarding the functionality and the use of the camper, and during the trip, always available for any inconvenience that may arise. Surely you're quiet and eager to enjoy! And of course, we will return to repeat the experience. Thank you!



We spent a few fantastic days, the van is great, very equipped and very comfortable. The owner is always available for any questions that we raised. What we strongly recommend. It has been a wonderful experience.



Jose the owner of the van has been extremely attentive at all times and we have made things very easy. They picked us up at the airport(a detail). We've had a little mishap with the mosquito net, and you are trying to stay in as little as possible. With respect to the van to say that it is awesome, all set with a lot of taste and detail, a luxury. If we return to the south repetirimos for sure!!!



The fantastic journey!!!we had never traveled in a Camper, and the experience has been worth it. The Camper that we have rented is great.Very complete, not lacking anything, and very clean. As the owner, is a charm.Goes the extra mile to get everything ready for you to enjoy the trip, with total relaxation. We will repeat!

José Luis
José Luis


Which one you want when you start a journey, it's that nothing fails. And that is precisely what happened. The attention of the owner was great before picking it up. It is also easy because it is totally new. In addition, if you are missing factory in some detail, he put it on. We stayed in the Alpujarra of granada for a few days and then on the beach and for both environments was perfect. The heating did not need to put it and the solar panel is excellent. he was always at its maximum load virtually. The bed is exceptional, and the fridge had charged products, and set to the minimum, to cool very well. Very good experience for me, and two small 3-and 6-years, he will try to repeat.

Discover with us

Advantages of traveling in a Motorhome or Camper

There are many advantages that it offers us a trip in a motorhome or camper, but mainly highlights the freedom.
Freedom of time, freedom of destination... your journey, or goal can vary in tenths of seconds if you are one wanted to stay longer at the same point, or for example, you wanted to enjoy a sunset that just may surprise you.

You can afford the luxury of planning a journey of several cities, beaches or parks and go the same as you fancy, because there are no reservations what to lose, there is a schedule in which you arrive, there are no announcements to make.

Traveling in a motorhome or camper does not have a profile with established age or family structure fixed. You can travel in couple, with friends, with family or even solo. We find younger travelers that are initiated in this dynamic, full of freshness and we also found a globe-trotting veterans, which may also be starting up, or may rather be teachers of routes in a motorhome.

What is clear is that there is a great community of fans to travel in a motorhome is always willing to share destinations, experiences, tips and complicity with the beginning. It is already a classic greeting between drivers as with the bikers on the road.

In addition, only in Spain, we have a few 950 areas of rv and 160 campsites with specific facilities for them. All of this is a plus when you have the peace of mind of being able to dispose of specific services that we may need in a given moment. 

This hobby as european has also arrived to the peninsula with the force, and there are many who are just starting to learn about the world. An experience that grabs you and you like it enjoy at any time of the year.

It is not necessary to make a significant investment in buying this type of vehicle, nor does it have a place to store it or keep it. Services as we Campervan Rental in Granada Teranga make that you can travel comfortably and exclusively on enjoying with a relationship quality-unbeatable price.

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